Welcome to the Kitimat Valley Naturalists based in Kitimat, BC. Kitimat is located at the head of Douglas Channel on BC’s north coast. We enjoy hiking, photography, bird watching, flower photography and wildlife viewing in the marine environment, on estuarine flats, along the Kitimat River, at sub alpine lakes, and in alpine environments.

Annual Events and Projects

Throughout the year, we participate in various ongoing events or projects. Some of these include:

Bat Condo Project

Just prior to demolishing an old building, a very large colony of bats was discovered using the attic. In an attempt to preserve the integrity of the colony, the District of Kitimat commissioned two bat condos to be built and placed near the demolished hall. This project was managed by the KVN and members continue to monitor bat activity during the summer months

Annual Christmas Bird Count

Over 40 years ago, a few determined birders held the first Christmas Bird Count in the Kitimat Valley. The tradition has continued almost unabated. We now have an average of 20 observers and count species has exceeded 60. This makes it one of the highest counts along BC’s north coast.

Participation in NANS (Salamander Boards)

For the last 5 years, NANS (Northern Amphibians Naturalist Society) has monitored amphibians in the Kitimat Valley. KVN members have close to 20 salamander boards in backyards and along the Pine Creek Trail.

DFO projects such as highway signs and Eelgrass monitoring

The KVN works closely with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Members helped paint yellow fish at storm drains in the Nechako, Whitesail, and Cormorant neighborhoods. We have also located and mapped many of the eelgrass beds in the northern half of Douglas Channel.

Events Calendar

2023 CBC

Christmas Bird Count - December 2023

  • 2023-12-16

For more information, please contact April MacLeod at (250) 632-3977 or mac2aa@citywest.ca